Putting NitrOS-9/6×09 boot track into ROM

I was doing some thinking the other day if there was a easy way to put the NitrOS-9 boot track into ROM.

You may be thinking why would I want to do that? Well the reasoning behind me wanting to put the boot track in ROM was to originally bypass the need to use RGBDOS/HDBDOS to boot to the hard drive on the CoCo 1/2/3.

So I basically I first needed to find a way to put the boot track into ROM. Then move the boot track from ROM into the correct RAM location to start the NitrOS-9 startup process.

The first step I had to do was to get the bootrack file into assembly fcb statements. That was actually the easiest of all parts. Using a command called os9 from the ToolShed project found at . Of course I would need the source code to NitrOS-9 as well which can be found at .

Now after downloading the source for NitrOS-9 and then built the project. Now what I wanted to do was get the boot track for the device I wanted to boot from and the coco I wanted. Well in my case I wanted the CoCo3/6809. So I went into the level2/coco3/bootfiles folder and chose the one I needed. Which in my case was kernel_ide.

Now here comes the fun stuff. I needed to now convert the kernel_ide file into assembly fcb’s so I could easily use with my bootrom.asm file. So what I did was:

os9 dump -a kernel_ide >boottrack.asm

Now that I have my boottrack.asm file I just need to move it to the folder where my bootrom.asm file is. Here is my bootrom.asm file:

        org     $C000
START   EQU     *
        fcc     "DK"
        lbra    ENTRY
        fill    $FF,9*256
ENTRY   EQU     *
        ldx     #$2600
        ldu     #BOOTTRK
LOOP1   ldd     ,u++
        std     ,x++
        cmpu    #BOOTEND
        bne     LOOP1
        jmp     $2602
        use     boottrack.asm
        fill    $39,$2000-RMSIZE

Now that I have both files in the same folder I will need to use another tool called lwasm to assemble my files. This can be gotten from . How I assemble it is with:

lwasm bootrom.asm -obootrom.rom

Now I am able to use this bootrom.rom to put into a 8KByte ROM to use on my CoCo.

If everything worked as expected the system should startup trying to find the OS9Boot file on the device that the boot track file was designed for.