Astaro / Sophos Removing Queued Updates

This post is all about manually removing unwanted queued u2d files.

For those of us who use or maintain a Astaro/Sophos router some times manually loading u2d files can be a pain. Especially when the router decides to download one that isn’t listed on the ftp site and then you can’t get the router to install the ones you chose, but it wants to install the one it downloaded which invalidates the ones you uploaded.

Now there are ways to get rid of un-wanted updates so you can get updates you want installed or even those updates that you uploaded that now wont work because the system used a update it installed first.

The easiest way to get rid of the updates is to use the command prompt either via the console on the system itself or via SSH.
Basic instructions command line updates is at:

Now what I did was use SSH to get into the Sophos system as root. Then from there I changed directory to /var/up2date/sys
After that I did a command “ls” to get a list of the files in that directory. I then used command “rm” to remove all the offending pending update(s).
Then I exited the SSH session and logged back into the web interface for the Sophos system and did the install for the update(s) I wanted.
Personally Sophos should have made a option via the web interface to actually delete updates in the queue.

Now I will give you a example of why such things might happen this would be needed.
I was doing routine maintainance on my router and found that on the ftp site there were updates to go from Sophos UTM 9.209 to 9.300, 9.300 to 9.301, 9.301 to 9.302, and 9.302 to 9.303. So I used the browser to download these updates. Then using the browser I uploaded these updates to the u2d section of the web interface and scheduled times for them to install while everyone was asleep.
Now during the night the router decided to download 9.209 to 9.210 update. Now because the system had the schedule set to install the 9.209 to 9.300 it installed the 9.209 to 9.210 update. Here is where the problem came in. Now I had the 9.300, 9.301, 9.302, and 9.303 updates which could not be installed because Sophos was no longer at version 9.209. Well finally on the ftp site they put a u2d file for the 9.210 to 9.304, but that wouldn’t install till the 9.300 was installed. Hmmm looks like we are in a nice version loop here. This is where removing the other updates were required, but the webui doesn’t allow for removing of the pending updates. Hence why I needed a manual way to remove these updates.